90 MINUTES $100

This session is based on who you are and your current desires. What brings you to meditation? Meet yourself where you are in order to uncover the answers to your deepest inquiries. Meditation is an ancient practice that has modern merit, this is a master's practice for up-leveling your life in every aspect.

Divine Feminine Group Meditation

90 MINUTES $ inquire based on group size

Gather your ladies for a Divine remembrance and activation and a reclaiming of your feminine throne. In this meditation, the sacred feminine aspects of compassion, power, abundance, and healing are called forth in various forms. A Divine feminine role model may make her presence known to offer unique messages of love and wisdom. Women thrive with support, love, and community. And by coming together we nurture our sacred feminine which translates to a more fulfilling life.

Trauma Release Yoga &
Integration Meditation

90 MINUTES $100

Guided trauma work in a supported environment is a game changer. In this session you finally welcome your body to let go unconsciously held trauma and tension. Working on a deeper level of the nervous system through the psoas muscle, you will experience a gentle trembling through the legs and hips. This is an entirely different bodily experience which allows a release and reprogramming of the autonomic nervous system. Yoga postures are used to connect with breath and body to induce the trauma releasing technique. You will be therapeutically guided to complete your trauma as it may be surfaced, this is absolutely necessary for full integration of past experiences. Work at your own comfort level to fatigue the lower body muscles and notice as stress begins to leave the body.

Aromatherapy Meditation

60 MINUTES $100

This is a reflective and sensory meditation to enjoy a connection with your deepest self and take the realizations into your daily life. Including the highest quality Young Living essential oils for emotional and chakra therapy. Essential Oils have the unique ability to work with the human limbic brain where we process emotions. Treat yourself or your closest friend to this sensual meditation. This is ideal if your stuck in an area in your life or you want to reset your energy and direction.




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