Young Living Essential Oils

Essential oils are gifts from the earth- their healing intelligence is masterful. Start the journey to toxic-free living by reaching to mother nature instead of companies that profit off chemicals and pollutants. Get your starter kit that has everything you need to enhances physical and emotional wellbeing in an instant; it starts with one breath in.  

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Featuring 11 essential oils + the Desert Mist Diffuser + much much more! When you sign-up for your new kit- you will be guided on how to use your oils and have fun with your 11 new best friends!


Breathe Easy

Ditch Toxic Candles for Pure Essential Oils!

Supercharge the quality of your air with moisture and aromatherapy. Avoid hazardous burns, spills, and chemicals!

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Get Started with Young Living Premium Starter Kit


»  Member pricing for 24% off retail pricing
»  Choose your diffuser (Dew Drop diffuser included; you may upgrade)
»  To add additional items, click: Customize Monthly Order and search catalog
»  Continue to enrollment/checkout. (leave SSN as first option)
»  Boom! Wholesale pricing on the highest quality oils for a lifetime!

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