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Our Mission and Vision
Meet Our Founder Krista Lea

Krista founded Halfmoon Meditation in 2014 in Austin TX after transforming her life through meditation, She is a certified Mindfulness and Meditation Instructor after completing a 200-hour intensive training with Hay House bestselling author Sarah McLean at the McLean Meditation Institute in Sedona, AZ. She guided meditation, restorative and trauma release yoga at Meditation Bar in Austin TX for years before the pandemic and taught yoga and workshops at various yoga studios in Austin TX.

Krista Lea, meditation and yoga teacher, is a true Spiritual seeker. After years of practice and studying with teachers she discovered there is not one perfect way. There are many reasons and many methods to meditate and explore your true nature. Krista has been able to point others toward deeper states of self-awareness that allow immediate shifts in expression and life experience. Krista infuses her group meditation classes with the Divine Feminine to reclaim your authenticity! She also teaches trauma-releasing yoga, as well as yin and restorative yoga that use the senses as a portal to enter the great space of healing. Her teaching style is sure to leave you connected and empowered.

The mission is to make meditation make sense for you. It no longer has to be an unattainable struggle and is positioned to be your power practice for rejuvenation. The practices of meditation, yoga and sound therapy curated by Krista are designed for you to get to know yourself at a deeper level, full body relaxation, and empowering reconnection.

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Experience meditation, yoga, and sound journeys by Krista Lea in your home or venue. Private sessions at this location also available.


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